TAB Services - Managed Website Content

TAB Services - Managed Website Content

Everyone is busy these days. Even if you have had time to create a first class Web presence, the chances are that you and your staff do not have the time to keep it fully up to date with regular news and routing changes.

Consider TAB Services Managed Website Content

We can keep your site up to date:

  • News posted when the story is fresh
  • Additional pages - when you need them
  • Prompt amendment of contact details
  • New photographs placed as soon as they are received
  • Downloadable leaflets and data sheets - updated regularly
  • Track the effectiveness of changes to text
  • Keep up with the latest Web standards
  • Duplicate your Website in other languages
  • Add automated forms to encourage customers to contact you


Content Management Systems

What about if you or your colleagues have the skills necessary to write Website text and resize, crop and touch-up photographs? Shouldn't you consider managing your own content?

Of course you should, and with a TAB Services Content Management System in place, you can do just that.

Learn more about managing your own Website content with CMS now.

How much does it cost?

TAB Services charge according to the amount of work involved. A site needing daily updates will incur a much higher charge than one that is updated on a monthly basis. The amount of work will also depend on the complexity of the changes required.

The minimum contract period for a TAB Services managed site is one year. Monthly fees start at a minimum of £100.00 plus VAT.