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TAB Services - Website optimisation

Systematic analysis and adjustment of existing content coupled with comparative data from the appropriate market sector allowing stepwise incremental improvement in search engine rankings.

Website Optimisation


  • Agree targets with client
  • Establish measures of success
  • Conduct analysis of existing content
  • Compare with data from the market sector concerned
  • Work towards optimal content (text, prominence of text, placing of text and keywords
  • Measure outcomes and adjust content as appropriate
  • Repeat cycle

Want to leap ahead of the competition? Advertise on the Internet

Discuss with us how many Internet-based sales leads could be generated.

Agree a promotional plan together with budget and timescale.

Implement the plan and measure the results. Revise the plan if necessary.

Actively monitor results to prevent slippage or drift from objectives.

Revise budgets if required.

Learn more about Internet based advertising.

How do you measure Website traffic?

One of the best ways is to use Google Analytics though there are other providers and methods. This powerful tool lets you know how many visitors your site has, what they looked at during the visit and if they have been there before.

Not only that, but the rough geographical location where visitors are based and the time of day and date are available for analysis.

Finally, and importantly, the data lets you know from whence your visitors came. There is no longer any guesswork as to whether your Internet-based advertising campaigns are worth the money - the facts are right there to allow informed discussion and decision making.